TTK1325R/TTK1525R-Roterande svarvaxel

CNC cutter equipped with a single spindle and a rotating shaft. This machine combines an ordinary milling machine with the possibility of turning / milling, for example, porch posts, staircase players etc. etc ...

Air cooled 4.5 kw main spindle from HSD. It is also possible to get the machine with larger tables and with ATC system as an option.

Drill box from HSD

Our machines can be equipped with a drill box with 4 + 5 vertical drills as an option. It comes from HSD as the spindle motor. (see the peripheral tab)

The machine can be provided with great protection over spindle and gantry as an option. It can also be equipped with laser beams for extra security. (See peripherals tab)

* Control system:                                             NK105 G3 4 Axial DSP control

* Spindle:                                                         Italian HSD 4.5kw air cooled, speed 6000-18000 rpm

* Vacuum table:                                               5.5kw air cooled vacuum pump

* Servo motors:                                               Leadshine 850w and driver 4 pcs 5400RMB

* X, Y :                                                             The axels has a rack and pinion

* Z :                                                                  The axel has a ball screw

* X Y Z Axis:                                                    HIWIN 25 rails

* Inverter:                                                        Fuling 5.5kw

* Limit switch:                                                 Omron

* Central oil lubrication of moving parts via hand pump.

* Machine working area:                               X Axle-1300mm, Y Axel-2500mm, Z Axle-200mm

* Machine size (L * W * H):                            3100mm, 2270mm, 1800mm

* Max positioning speed:                             30m / min

* Max working speed:                                  20m / min

* Machine voltage Voltage:                         3PH, 380V, 50 / 60HZ

* Machine weight:                                       1600kg

* Rotating shaft diameter:                            300mm, length2000mm