Special machine developed for milling stone material and more. It is equipped with a 9 kw water cooled spindle from HSD. The machine has a closed system for water cooling of the material and therefore has edges around the table.

Available in different sizes from work surface 800 * 900 mm onwards. (This version 1500 * 3200)

Also available in a simpler version without ATC

The machine is available with vacuum clocks or T-slots for attaching material.

Also available with a 12 kw HSD spindle for even heavier machining.

Description                                                                                    Parameter
X, Y Working range:                                                          1500 * 3200 mm
Z Working range:                                                              300 mm
Frame structure:                                                                Full welded construction
X, Y Structure:                                                                   Gear rail and drive, gear, Hiwin linear unit
Z structure:                                                                        Ball screw, Hiwin linear units
Maximum positioning speed:                                           60 m / min
Spindle:                                                                              Italian HSD air cooled 9 kw (12 kw optional)
Max speed:                                                                        0-24000 rpm
Connection:                                                                       380 V / 50 HZ
Engine and steering servo:                                              Japan Yaskawa Servo
Operating System:                                                            Syntec Control System
Dust suction control:                                                        Automatic