CNC machine center. Economical model suitable for small and medium-sized industries. Also suitable for manufacturing special carpentry. Equipped with a drill box with both horizontal and vertical drills. Possible to commute on two sides of the table. Equipped with a spider of 6 kw. The suction cups are available in 3 different sizes for the most varied jobs. FCC software for displaying process status, displaying products, graphically and establishing order lists etc. Minimum width of workpiece 50 mm.

  1. Chip suction volume :250 m3 / h
  2. Water-cooled vacuum pump power: 7.5 kw
  3. Speed drill box: 4000 rpm
  4. Horizontal drills: 8
  5. Vertical Drills: 12
  6. Speed spindle: 18000 rpm
  7. Spindle effect: 6 kw
  8. Max positioning speed: Z-axis 20 m / min
  9. Maximum positioning speed Y-axis 50 m / min
  10. Max positioning speed X-axis 50 m / min
  11. Table size 2500x900 mm

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