TTP3312Z2is a CNC center for most purposes including specialized joinery. The machine has a drill box for 5 sides. A special program for furniture manufacturing is available as an option. The machine has several positions on the table for efficient commuting. It also has a program for easily editing workpieces, as well as displaying order data status etc.

Tool changer for up to 20 tools.

Other options available as an option are:

-Led positioning of suction cups

-C-axis for angular drilling and other units etc.

Workspace X-axis:                                               3300 mm Y-axis: 1250 mm Z-axis: 170 mm

Table with 6 beams, 4 suction cups on each.

Max positioning speed:                                     X axis 80 m / min Y axis 80 m / min Z axis 30 m / min

Main spindle Speed:                                          24000 RPM, Power 9 Kw, HSK63F Kona

Tool changer:                                                     8 seats, ER 32 clamping sleeve

Drill box Power:                                                  1.7 Kw, Speed ​​4000 RPM Vertical drills 14 pcs,           horizontal drills (X) 2 + 2 (Y) 2 + 2

Saw blade Saw blade diameter:                      120 mm, shoulder hole 35 mm

Vacuum pump:                                                  Power 5.5 Kw, Suction capacity 160m3 / h

Chip suction connection:                                 Diameter 200 mm, flow requirement 28 m / s

Electrical connection:                                       380 V 3 phase, Total power requirement 26 Kw

Dimensions:                                                       LxWxH 5000x2600x2620 mm