CNC cutter equipped with a 6.0 kw HSD spindle and servomotor drive. An alternative for those who do not want to bargain for precision and reliability but still want to keep the price down. Available in the following table sizes as standard: 1325,1530,2040,2060,4060 and in special dimensions as desired.

Drill box from HSD

Our machines can be equipped with a drill box with 4 + 5 vertical drills as an option. It comes from HSD as the spindle motor. (see the peripheral tab)

The machine can be provided with great protection over spindle and gantry as an option. It can also be equipped with laser beams for extra security. (See peripherals tab)


X, Y Working range:                                                               1300 * 2500 mm

Z Working range:                                                                   200 mm
Resolution:                                                                             0.02 mm
Frame structure:                                                                    Full welded construction
X, Y Structure:                                                                       Gear rail and drive, gear, Hiwin linear unit
Z structure:                                                                            Ball screw, Hiwin linear units
Maximum positioning speed:                                               60 m / min
Spindle:                                                                                 Italian HSD air cooled 6 kw
Max speed:                                                                           6000-18000 RPM
Connection:                                                                          380 V / 50 HZ
Engine and steering servo:                                                 Japan Yaskawa Servo
Operating system:                                                               Richauto A11  
Interface:                                                                              USB