Stable Atc machine with carousel changer for 8 tools as standard. Also available with carousel changers for up to 20 tools. Or with straight linear changer for 6-8 tools. Handheld control unit to be able to, for example, test run or set zeros with 1000 / part precision.
Ability to step the program step by line, forward and backward.
Vacuum table with strategic T-rails for flexible clamping of materials.The machine has a table surface of 1300 * 2500 mm. The milling surface is 1250 * 2500 * 200 mm. This machine is also available with other table sizes. for example, 1500 * 3000.2000 * 4000.2000 * 6000 mmAutomatic calibration and measurement of the tools. It is also provided with a roll at the short end for convenient loading of material. Pneumatic stops make placement of disc material at zero point easy.
The machine is CE marked and adapted to European conditions. It comes with a manual in English.
Drill box from HSD
Our machines can be equipped with a drill box with 4 + 5 vertical drills as an option. It comes from HSD as the spindle motor. (See more under the peripheral tab)

Air cooled quality spindle from Italian HSD. The power is 9 kw.

The Carousel Exchanger holds 8 tools as standard. Available up to 20 optional tools.

The machine has a working range in X = 1500 Y = 3000 Z = 300. It comes complete with a powerful vacuum pump that has an output of 5.5 kw as standard but is available with 7.5 kw as an option. The pump is a Becker copy and very reliable.

Description                                                                                                   Parameter

X, Y Working range:                                                                                 1250 * 2500 mm

Z Working range:                                                                                     200-300 mm

Table size:                                                                                                1300 * 2500 mm

Resolution:                                                                                               0.02 mm

Frame structure:                                                                                      Full welded construction

X, Y Structure:                                                                       Gear rail and drive, gear, Hiwin linear unit

Z structure:                                                                                          Ball screw, Hiwin linear units

Maximum positioning speed:                                                                     60 m / min

Spindle:                                                                                                    Italian HSD air cooled 9 kw

Max speed:                                                                                              0-24000 rpm

Connection:                                                                                             380 V / 50 HZ

Engine and steering servo:                                                                    Japan Yaskawa Servo

Operating System:                                                                                  Syntec Control System

Dust suction control:                                                                              Automatic

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