CNC milling with stepper motor drive and a spindle. Spindle is from Italian HSD which guarantees quality. This machine is perfect to start with for the slightly smaller joinery that faces the challenge of developing with new technology.

Vacuum pump 5.5 kw and chip suction 4.5 kw with double bag included. Also available in the following table sizes in standard design: 1530,2040,2060,4060..all in special dimensions as desired.

The machine can be provided with great protection over spindle and gantry as an option. It can also be equipped with laser beams for extra security. (See accessories tab)

  1. Spindle:                                                                Italian HSD 4.5 kw air cooled 18000 rpm
    Motor and drivers:                                               High stepper motor (110) + YAKO2811 driver
    Linear units:                                                         High precision PMI square rail
    Ball screw:                                                           TBI ball screw
    Machine structure:                                              Heavy welded frame
    Workbench:                                                        Combined T-track and vacuum table
    Inverter :                                                              Join Inverter
    Max working surface:                                         1300 (X) 2500 (Y) 220 (Z) mm
    Resolution:                                                          +/- 0.03 mm
    Max positioning speed:                                     35 m / min
    Maximum feed speed:                                      20 m / min
    Power consumption:                                         4.5 + 7.5 kw 3-phase 380 V
    DSP control system:                                         (A11)
    Program format:                                                G code
    Weight:                                                              1350 kg