Equipment and toolings


Our machines come complete with a vacuum pump. The brand is Tongyou. It is a Chinese Becker copy that is very reliable. It has an engine of 5.5 kw (alternative 7.5 kw) and a suction power of 160 m3 / hour (5.5 kw pump)

Drilling units

Our machines can be equipped with a drill box with 4 + 5 vertical drills as an option. It comes from HSD as the spindle motor. The box has a 32 mm pitch.

Drilling unit with horizontal / vertical drills and saw units for X and Y

Drilling unit with a total of 9 drills with 32 mm pitch. 2 + 2 drills in X-axes and 2 + 2 drills in Y-axes. Saw sets for X-axes and Y-axes.

All our machines can be equipped with this unit.

Elektroniska vacuumventiler

The machines can be equipped with optional electronic vacuum valves. A practical remote control can also be purchased. A very good solution when vacuuming slices or large crooked parts, for example.

Laser safety beams

The machines can be equipped with laser beams on 3 sides for extra safety.


Soft start control of the vacuum pump makes it possible to use lower ampere numbers on the fuses. 


We supply and stock most types of high quality tools, chucks and clamping sleeves etc. In addition at incredible prices. What we do not have in stock we get home in a week in most cases. Here are some examples. Request a quote for the tools you want!

Dust suction units

Our machines can be delivered complete with a dust suction unit. It has a motor of 4.5 kw, double sacks connection for 3 machines.



Engine power: 7.5kw

Suction capacity: (m3 / h) 12000

Suction speed: (m / sec) 40-45

Inlet connection: Φ150mm * 5 pcs

Filter bags: Φ630 * 3pcs + Φ180 * 36 pieces

Size (mm) 3100 * 1040 * 3150

Volt 3X 380V / 50HZ

Weight (kg) 328